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Decorative Glass

Create custom stained glass windows and trinkets, or get pre-designed windows and trinkets for your home.


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Welcome to Kaba Glassworks!

Kaba Glassworks specializes in stained glass work, glass installation, and repair services in the Savannah area. Glass is a multi-faceted material with many design uses. Are you planning to redecorate or renovate your living area? When choosing your glass, Kaba Glassworks ensures that the proper type of glass is installed for your needs and that you will have a surface that is free from defects for many years.

Glass is an optimal insulator and can be thermally tempered to reduce energy costs while reducing noise pollution and enhancing safety. It is used on building facades, bathrooms and throughout the home, showing its unique individuality. In the unlikely event that any damage occurs, or if you just want to add a unique touch to your home, you'll want to rely on the knowledge of our specialized stained glass and glass repair team to solve the problem in order to avoid a more expensive solution.

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